Aug 30, 2009
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I'm into my 3rd season with man utd and I'm looking for a world class left back I've tried to sign the know left backs Marcelo, Alba, Schennikov but they all want silly money 100mil plus. Money isn't an issues I have 200 mil to spend as the Glaziers got bought out but I refuse to pay silly money

Any suggestions?
david santon, nath clyne, g bong erm the 1 arsenal jst bought from malaga
What about Fabio? I used him for my 2nd season before getting Alaba. Blackett may also work for you until you find someone, but you should also look at regens
I made the mistake of letting Evra go for free as he wanted a new challenge, because its the January transfer window everyone is holding me to ransom, so I'm going to load an earlier save and keep Evra til the end of the season and hopefully get a replacement in per season. Fabio is ok but you can't play 2 games in a week as his stamina is rubbish and I like to rotate my squad a lot
Try Luke shaw. He's still a bit inexperienced but will be absolutely class.
Juan Sanchez Mino from Argentina but also has Spanish citizenship....think plays in Boca on start of game and it is not expensive
Alaba has been amazing for me at Liverpool, cost £32 million in the second season, very consistent player!:)
Also, when Alaba was injured I played Papadopolous there, even though he isnt trained for it and is right footed he played really well, probably due to me having tight marking of opposition wingers and he has marking 20, won lots of tackles!
Leighton Baines, Aleksandar Kolarov or, if you need a younger player to grow into the role, Davide Santon.
Gibbsy! Became one of the world's best LB's for me withing 3 seasons :D