Apr 9, 2009
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Hi all, i'm starting my first season with Liverpool, and plan to use a 4-3-2-1 formation with inside forwards. I'm looking to get a new pacey AMR who is ideally left-footed so he can cut in and shoot. Thing is, I've only got a little over 3M and that does not give me much options. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

*I've thought of trying to sell Downing to fund this new AMR, but i'm unsure if I could get a better replacement. So far he has been inconsistent for me after 5 games (2 competitive, 3 friendlies, 2 goals). Any pointers?
If you sell Downing, Douglas Costa is a very good option
the best thing to do is sell downing and get in ben arfa, costs 13m start of the game, selling downing if gives u around 10 to 12m u r set then.......
In my Villarreal save, I had Wellington Nem playing the inside forward role on the right. Not exactly an unknown player but he dose a good job there if you're willing to give him the game time to develope him.
Thanks for all the suggestions thus far.
Ben Arfa and Wellington have both moved clubs. And I can't seem to move Downing on, no one wants to buy him even when I reduced his asking price to 8.5M. Preparing for the worst, bidding a loan move for Karim Alt Fana (sp) now...
look no further than this little gem mate :)

Thanks for the recommendation, really looks like a player I want. However, I put in a bid amounting to 3M (even though his value is only 170k in my game), but they wanted 6.5M. At the moment I simply cannot afford him. Maybe in the next window.