Jul 2, 2010
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Lallana has been injured and could be out for up to 10 months :mad:
So i'm in need of a good left sided winger for league 1 and have a budget of £400k
any ideas?
tried to get kakuta straight after lallana got injured, but he went to bristol city instead :S
have been using him for the passed few matches but he just isn't performing well and would rather use him as my back up and will slowly try to bleed him into the first team
dunno if anyone has heard of myrie-williams who plays for st johnstone but i've managed to pick him up for only 30k and all the coach reports say he is currently a leading league 1 winger capable of becoming a good championship winger |)
Not sure how much his price tag would be but....

Oussama Assaidi is a beast on the LW and RW!
cheers for the suggestions guys but i think i've sorted my player problems for once :p, myrie-williams has ripped up the other teams in league 1 over the past few games, would recommend signing him for lower league teams
Nicolas Maurice Belay. 400 - 500 k, but not sure if he would join you.
i sold puncheon as i managed to sign pascal feinoundo (not sure if name is correct)