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Dec 16, 2012
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Hi all, i write here 1st time :). I have some ideas for FM 2011 database...
I watched on You Tube couple videos (WC 94, 98, 02...) and i though how will be managed this stars in FM 2011. For examples...

David Seaman, Zico, Rudi Völler... are pretty old players in 2011. year (2011. year because FM 2011) and they are now coaches or completely retired in football.

D. S. is born 1963. My suggest is that this year rewrite to 1997. In this year DS will have 14yo.

Zico - is born 1953 -> rewrite to 1995. Because he is older in real world :)

R.V - is born 1960 -> rewrite to 1996... etc


I think that someone from ex. England, Germany, Argentina, Brazil... rewrite they stars into very young players on free transfers or players' favorite club. Maybe this is good idea, or really really stupid... :). Or this idea sent directly to sigames that they make FM 2011 Legends or something like that... lol |) ^^)