Leicester City - Foxes become Lions


Nov 11, 2014
Xmas #1

We remain unbeaten at the top of the table as we enter 2024.

All the talk was between ourselves and Liverpool at the start of the season but it's Chelsea that are applying the pressure. fortunately we managed to beat them in our first meeting to give us a slender 1 point lead as we near the half way point.

It is just typical that the year Liverpool have an off season, another team jumps up to replace them and not let us have an easy ride as we attempt to become champions for the first time with my all English squad. .

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We move into the Semi-Finals of the EFL Cup as we look to retain the title. I'm still playing a heavily rotated side in each fixture so is good to see the fringe players still performing to the high level that we have come to expect.

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Well it wasn't all plain sailing in our Champions League Group, drawing 3 of our final 4 games including against Rapid Wien. I did play a weakened side against them but still shouldn't be dropping points. Either way we topped the group and enter the knockout stages as a top seeded side.

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Atletico Madrid stand in our way of a Quarter Final spot as we look to go a step further than last seasons disappointment. Not an easy game that's for sure but its a whole lot better than Barcelona last season.

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Aug 10, 2020
North Carolina
As a Spurs fan I've got a strong (respectable) dislike of Liverpool so I definitely feel your frustrations with them. Of all teams now you have to deal with Chelsea push for the title 🤮