Leon Goretzka - As good as Draxler?


Mar 9, 2014
Leon Goretzka

If you are playing as a German team and want to boost your youth, then i would highly recommend buying Leon Goretzka.

He, like Draxler, plays for FC Schalke and has a a lot of potential.
I would not say he is as good as Draxler, but he is not far from his standard.
It does not matter what league you start off at, as you will always find Goretzka.

This is him as you start age 18
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This is him after 6 years age 24
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If you have any experience using Goretzka please share.

He is not that expensive to buy when you start, but at age 23+ Schalke do ask for quite a lot for him, so grab him quick.
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