Let's Fill up a Trophy Cabinet - A True Pentagon Challenge

Nov 3, 2016
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The True Pentagon Challenge

All Right! I have tried and failed to fully complete the pentagon challenge in my last two attempts - but not again! Last year I made my way through South Korea and then moved straight into the Eredivisie (Bad decision) and the year previous I had won everything in India, South Korea and Then subsequently the USA before moving to Belgium. I have identified my weaknesses and worked upon them and I am starting the challenge on release this year to give me the most time possible.

So here it is, Robert Dyer is starting his long journey in management. For anyone who isn't aware of this challenge my task is to quite simply win every continental trophy and then add in the world cup just for good measure. The difficulty is planning what jobs to take as well as starting out with no experience, badges or starting job. This means the first team I take over will be a large distance way in terms of ability compared to where I want to end up.

In order to make this a true challenge I have left attribute masking ticked in my advanced settings and in order to make it easier for myself to find my first couple of jobs I have given myself a fairly large database with plenty of available countries and leagues.

Wish me luck! I'll post fairly regularly and will reveal my first job soon. Please follow when you get the chance.


The completely Inexperienced and Unemployed,



The True Pentagon Challenge

So, I am already delving into my career. The first thing I wanted to decide was what competition was going to be my initial target. I believe the two easiest continents would be Asia and Africa - although in my prior experience it takes a very long time to win the CONCAF due to the dominant clubs in South Africa being very hard to push aside. for this reason I highlighted the lower leagues in Asia as the ideal targets to start my career.

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After filtering out all available jobs into just the lowest leagues in Asia these were the remaining available jobs. Quanjian is still in the top tier league in China and therefore isn't a serious option however I have applied for all four.

The two jobs in South Korea are attractive as it is a good footstep into the gold-standard K-League. However I am willing to even accept any job offers from Persiba.

I will let you know the teams' reception to my applications soon, along with my selected team,


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The True Pentagon Challenge

So I have applied for a few jobs. It was no surprise that Quanjian immediately laughed off my interest but I was a bit shocked to see Bucheon 1995 quite quickly deny me as well. That only left Ansan in the K-League 2 and Persiba in the Indonesian league two.

With my eyes firmly set on the future as well as the present, it was worth noting that Qatar have been refused the World Cup in 2022 and it is now taking place in Australia. I am wanting to get into high profile jobs so with the potential of an extra qualification spot being freed up to an Asian national side I am going to be looking to get into national management pretty soon.

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So now back to the clubs. I was offered an interview with both clubs left, so I thought I'd best weigh up my two immediate options.

Ansan are the better of the two teams and play in a much more competitive league. They have a reputation of two and a half stars which is just around where I should be aiming. The only issue is they are predicted to finish second from bottom in their league and are predicted around the same, meaning it will be a battle to avoid relegation quite early on.

Unfortunately I am unable to view their players' abilities due to player masking - a challenge I set myself as I've never been this handicapped before.

Persiba play in a much smaller league which I literally know nothing about. They are only half a star worse than Ansan according to their reputation but I can't be too picky. They currently lie in 7th place in their league which is a strong mid-table position (exactly where they were predicted). I am quite keen on taking them on if I get offered the job as it will be a decent experience with very little expectation.

I enjoy the prospect of managing either of these sides although I am swaying towards Persiba. I think it may come down to who offers me the job first.

Thanks for reading,


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The True Pentagon Challenge

There has been a bit of a spanner in the works. While waiting for a reply from the two teams I had interviews with, this happened...

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Queen's Park - a pretty appealing offer! This is a Pentagon Challenge, however, and I would find it quite hard to get decent jobs in Asia or Africa if I start in Europe, I need to build myself up from a decent starting point.

It is for that reason that I am now officially the NEW MANAGER OF PERSIBA FC!!

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Now I have a job. I want to get straight to work identifying my next steps - which is to analyse my team and make a tactic. We are already half way through the league and so I need to make a good start.


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In past experiences most teams around this level only have one or two goalkeepers so for me to have two is great. That being said, only one of them belongs to the club so it is a position that may need strengthening come the end of the season.


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I fortunately have a reasonably strong starting back four, especially including Khoerudin who truly is a key player on and off the pitch as he will be the teams new captain. I strongly believe in building a squad from the back and will be looking at making a impenetrable defence as soon as possible.


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The middle of the park are where my best players are. Between Turnando, Noprihanis and Siswanto I have some very technical and pacey attacking midfielders who may help me decide what tactic to play. I would need to strengthen the central midfield position with a more defensive minded player.


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Now there are only two strikers to choose from, and both have the same role (poacher). This strengthens the idea I have in regards to the teams formation and I'll give you a hint - only one of these strikers will be starting each game. Cahyono does look like he will be a key player - he is reasonably quick for this level and so a counter attacking mentality might be useful.

I'll post again soon with my tactic and first few games,

The True Pentagon Challenge

Team and Position: Persiba - 2nd in Indonesian league two Group A

So I have arrived into my new job and everything has turned out pleasantly, the team are in good spirits although have low cohesion together at the moment - nothing a few back to back victories won't fix.

My first glance showed that the club had a solid first team with okay depth, although there are a few areas that could do with improvement. I received a happy shock to see I have been provided with decent funds to help me in the transfer market - which only started about a couple of days before I took the job.

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On top of this, I was a bit lazy and didn't change too many staff responsibilities around, meaning I will be taking charge of training, opposition instructions and scouting assignment. I didn't notice I have a director of football however, who treated me to a nice shock...

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Nil Basri was signed by my director of football, I have never allowed a director make transfers before in previous careers but I am honestly pleasantly surprised. Nil Basri is now the youngest player in the team with a good overall ability and according to my ASM's report, he has a very bright future. Left back was arguably the teams weakest position as well, so Basri is a welcome addition.

I wanted to acquaint myself properly with the team and identify exactly which players I need to keep close.

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Turnando is not only the teams best player but also the most influential. I don't believe he is a suitable captain but hopefully he can prove to be a bright spark for us and win some games almost single-handedly. It is upsetting to see there are no true leaders in the team, however I imagine after a good chunk of games a few players may prove themselves to be that role model for everyone else.

My three best players

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Turnando is the teams biggest weapon. He possesses good physical attributes as well as a good level of dribbling. He prefers playing as a support winger which is primarily where I will use him, although my tactic may very well require him to stick to the byline and counter quickly and clinically. His average rating is good so far this season and he is contributing towards a goal every two games, if he keeps this up I will be more than satisfied.


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Noprihanas is my teams top goalscorer so far this season with only three goals, I ideally would like to see him score a few more as he will be playing just off of the lone striker. He has also got a great amount of pace and will be utilised in a counter attacking team, although less as a playmaker and more as a deep number 9. I am looking to my wingers to provide the chances for Noprihanas and my striker to bury.


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Septian is arguably not the teams third best player at the moment, although I think that with his potential and with him being our best player in arguably the teams most important position, I had to include him. Only really a couple of his physical attributes and his first touch stand out but I am hoping he learns quickly as he will be vital in the transition phase of my teams tactic. He actually hasn't played a game yet for us but he will definitely be starting my first.

Tactical Set up

Now I strongly believe tactics need to mixed up in order to attack the oppositions weakness but at the same time there must be that 'homeostasis' that the team can revert back to and feel comfortable playing. For me it will be a very typical counter attacking 4-2-3-1, deploying a deep defence who can quickly dispatch the ball out wide for a quick transitional offence. Using my two pacey winger, a shadow striker and a poacher I am going to aim to play very direct, quick football in the final third.

My biggest worry is my striker, ideally I would have a deep lying forward or a target man who can add a presence a bit deeper than a poacher could, this will be one of my priorities in terms of transfers, however for my first few games, a poacher may be the best option to suit the players at hand.

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I must warn any readers, I have never used this new tactic system before this save. This is literally my first attempt at making a custom tactic using the new Attack, transition and Defensive system. I will also add the note that I am going to be playing primarily drilled and low crosses to utilise my two central attacking players' strengths.

If there are any notes you would wish to make, please comment and I will consider them, I unfortunately haven't had the chance to play a pre-season game at all, so I am straight into a competitive fixture against PSIM - a team that are placed one spot and three points above me. It would be a lovely start if I can beat them on my debut as a manager. Wish me Luck!!


Good luck mate! I started my own Journeyman yesterday and was offered the Persiba job. I love that they have a player called Suparman.
He truly is a superhero mate. Not very good stats but he shows up every corner and free kick. I reckon they're gonna be a good starting team.