Oct 22, 2009
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Fellow Managers,
long time no see, I know. ;)

Got my copy of FM11 for Christmas and been enjoying a West Brom save recently, managed to find a quality little striker in the Italian leagues. He's been mentioned a little around the forum, nothing major, don't think anyones really posted a screenshot of him, and he's been mentioned in the FM10 area of the forum, but heres a few screenshots..

Age: 20

Starting club: Empoli

Player from: Georgia

Position: Striker

Contract expires: During December, first season. (Easy snap up!)


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Hope you guys like the look of him. As you can see by the Stats screenshot, he's only halfway through the season and has netted over 20 goals, seems to be a brilliant player.. Sorry if he has been mentioned alot, and i've missed it completely, only really just started on FM11, and have just been poking about the forum abit..

Let me know what you think of him, and share any screenshots you have, as i'm unsure whether he's gunna be Premier League class or just you're average Championship..

Well he is 20 and has finishing of 17 , i think he could cut it in a mid table prem team
i have him in my lazio save second season and he isn't very good, he is a good back up

edit: wich patch is that? in mine he is only 16 finishing in the second season
Got him for a few million on my spurs save, is decent backup for Kalinic and Dzeko and often scores too.

Good find Kylo, good to see you back
Available on a free at the end of first season as well.

Nearly got him for Blackpool on a free but his work permit was turned down which was a bit frustrating.
Signed him with West Ham
Took a while to settle but eventually became a reasonably prolific forward
Scored 15 goals in 33 games 2011-2012, partnered with Carlton Cole helped take us to 8th in the league
Fairly decent mid-table striker
wich patch is that? in mine he is only 16 finishing in the second season

Haven't had a time to get the new patches but maybe it's cus he's having a storming season on mine.. Or he could be terrible on the new patch, doubtful though..
Any other screenshots? Still unsure on him..
Doesn't look too good in my save compared to OP's stats. Though Bristol City bought him for £6m.
Signed him for my Boro side in FM 10 and he's ****. 2 goals in 11 matches! Missed crapload of 1 on 1 :|
I just signed him at a very cheap price for my Karlsruhe team in my 4th season. What role should i play him?
I think he needs to work on his off-the ball movement, other than that, looks pretty decent throughout
he is good in my bordeaux team u just have to tutor him and privatize his training to 1 on 1
i bought him fr liverpool pre-patch, had to loan him out to genk for 3 years to get a work permit.never actually played for my 1st team though
worse on mine(I have latest update) maybe he has diff start stats?