Dec 15, 2010
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Hi All,

After a poor first season I was doing well in my second and performing above expectations. After about 36 games and only 5 losses I was sitting in 2nd and playing some great football (loads of shots on target and always 55-60% possession).

I was flicking between 3 tactics for every match depending on what the pre-match advice says, and it seemed to be going OK.

However I have just gone on a 10 match draw / losing streak out of no where?! Morale is rock bottom and my players are performing badly. I managed to muster a 1-0 win agains 22nd Doncaster despite only getting 1 shot on target and 40% possession.

Anyone have any ideas how this can happen? - Could it be the old 'levelling' coming into play to make realistic?
The reason probably is that maybe, you got a poor result one day then your players morale got poor and now they play like ****.
Try arranging friendlies with League 2 clubs which you still should be able to win and that should boost your players morale and get them to play better.
They might have become over-confident and thought that they would, almost automatically win the match. They lost/drew, and that knocked their morale.
Nice feedback will try the friendly idea.

As far as feedback this could be right, i.e. I could have been saying "you can win this match" and didn't...