Jan 28, 2010
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Im at my second Season in the game. Lewa isn't renewing his contract. so He will leave at the start of the 3rd season.

Who should i sign as a replacement. I play him as a DLF (S). I just won the CL so I expect some money and reputation boost. my hopes are the creme de la creme either Neymar or Pato.

PS: Lewa is my best performing player so a similliar player would be great
still pretty young in your game but hopefully still at hoffenheim, Kevin Volland is a great GERMAN prospect and should be a 15-20 goal player if he gets the games with tons of room to develop. Timo Werner from Stuttgart would be the only young german i could think of with that good potential, DLF isnt really his best role but he'd be under 20 so still plenty of growth potential.

If you are willing to go for a non-german speaker I would say try to grab Jovetic whatever the price. he is perfect for the role imo.

other options:
carlos vela
mattia destro
wilfried bony
paco alacer

hope it helps!
For me it would be either Abel Hernandez, Benteke, or Volland. Hernandez have been great for my Dortmund save (Lewa left to MU for 30m)

Edit: It will be easier if you tell your formation and philosophy.

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If money is no object:

Neymar/L. Damiao (best one)/Cavani/Falcao (though at least a couple will be on tranny list).

If you want to spend prudently:

Bernard (Athletico Mineiro) - This guy is the easiest guy to tap up in FM. Endorse him saying he's wasted where he is. Wait a couple of days. State you re interested in transfer but nothing definite. Next day offer his valuation. You will be rejected or quoted 40+m. Withdraw. A couple of days later he'll be on tranny list for 23m. Works every time for me!

Seydou Doumbia/Moussa Sow/Wilfried Bony/ Van Wolfswinkel does awesomely in German Leagues ...
One for the future

I'm a big fan of buying young and growing them, although by third season this guy should be either 20 or 21 (hopefully not too old to train his determination up through tutoring).

Take a look at Arkadiusz Milik from Bayern Leverkusen. He's basically the next Lewandowski, only taller. He's Polish, 6'2, and has the beginning stats to grow in to something real special. His stats are likely varied since he's been developed for a few years by the computer in your game... But he benefits from a decent finishing at the beginning of the game, good acceleration and strength, and a good first touch.

His biggest weakness, especially in comparison to Lewandowski, is his off the ball attribute. But since he's young and has loads of potential, that will probably go up.

If Schurrle moved out of the Bundesliga (which he usually does in my game by the third season), then Milik may be the starter for Leverkusen... so he may not be cheap. However, there is also the possibility that Leverkusen is starting someone else as striker, in which case Milik may be unhappy at the lack of first team opportunity and may be cheaper.

Overall, expect to pay in the 10-20 mil range, depending the above variables.