Apr 9, 2009
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Playing as Dortmund in 1st season. Lewandowski has stated the season in great from (15 goals in 6 games) then he annouces that he wants to move to a bigger club.

Nothing i can do seems to change his mind, now he won't even talk to me if i try to interact with him.

His form is also terriable now (1 goal in last 12 games).

Is there anyway to keep him? or shall i just cut my losses and sell him?

Also, should i drop him for the team...
Ye I think you're better getting rid of him.I got him on a free in my spurs save after the second season.he was constantly moaning at Dortmund
Yeah get rid of him when you can. Great player but moans too much.
If his performances are now poor, because he's sulking, then there is no point keeping him really. Just get a good price for him.
The only feasible way I can see of being able to change his mind and end up keeping him is if you're in a genuine position to win some big trophies like the league, or CL, so the club reputation would hopefully increase. But that's a risk, and as good as Dortmund are, it may take a couple of seasons before you're in real strong contention for the CL. I wouldn't risk losing him on a free, so I'd cut ties with the sulky ****** and see what you can get for him.

It's not a great situation to be in, as you may get stick from the fans for selling him, but if you keep him he'll just keep disrupting everything, play poorly and then not want to negotiate a new contract.
Thanks guys, i think i will sell him in the next transfer window.....he's a sulky ****** anyway and is bringing the moral of the team down..
Think i'll go for Bony as a replacement with the money i get....
I've been thinking of buying him on my Liverpool save, by the looks of everything you've all said should I just not buy him - unless he's ridiculously cheap!