Jan 23, 2013
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Hi, just started a new save with liverpool, i am trying to build a good young squad with the odd experienced player, can anyone recommend who i sell/buy to make this the best team possible
Promote two fullbacks from the reserves/u18's Jack Robinson LB and Jon Flanagan RB, both are great future prospects
loan arbeloa from real madrid he is a good option who will give u depth in defense daniel sturridge as he can play a number of attacking positions from the wings to upfront if u have 18 million to spare kaka is a good option too can buy him but you'll have to be quick before man city get him
Wouldnt recommend kaka, too injury prone.

Are you using any updates? and how much transfer budget have you got?
no im not and i have a fairly large budget, around 18m
On my Liverpool save I sold Johnson (£20 mil to Chelsea), Skrtel (£15 mil to Newcastle/Arsenal), Doni (£1 mil to someone but it was more to remove his wages), Downing (£7.5 mil to Porto) and loaned out Joe Cole to remove wages.

Bought Corchia, Lewandowski, Wellington Nem, as Spike014 said, promote from the reserves, also use Suso, Yesil and Shelvey, also Coates is amazing, hence why I sold Skrtel!

In hindsight I'd have bought Ben Arfa and tried for Fellaini instead of Lewandowski (those two would cost a similar amount!), playing Suarez up front, sterling on the left and ben arfa on the right! :)