Libero-Craze. The sweeper tactic


Jul 10, 2009
Ok so i've seen a few things on here about the 1 man Cb and i thought how do i put an extra man in defence without him being a defender who interferes with the 1 man Cb glitch. Libero is the answer had some amazing result this season.

View attachment 96863View attachment 96862 i can stress how strictly home and aways must be kept the home tactic does not offer enough security away from home, and the away tactic does not offer enough threat at home. I have not got the time to test with more teams as i work away alot but i think these results speak for themself.
View attachment 96861

View attachment 96860 These are the opposition instructions i use which i actually got from another user on here unfortunately i cannot remember the users name so cannot give credit, but i also add the feature of also allowing my assistant to set opp instruction too which seems to really help when turned on.

I do not give any team talks at anytime this is my preference maybe you may get even bigger success if this is something you have had joy with.

View attachment 96859 Training is basic i did not change anything from pre season.

I hope you have the same immediate success that i had and i hope to hear from you guys that it worked for you, if not i apologise this is my first real attempt at trying to inform of my tactic.

Remember Home and Away matters. Good Luck

​If i have missed anything please ask for details