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LIDA41320EasyPassing 2020-12-27


Dec 22, 2020
Nice!! Funny with that left SS scoring. Tactic is mirror like, so there is no different PI each side and you have left footed winger left side as it should be and vice versa right side, same with IWBs.. Cant quickly think what it would be, except that mayby Armstrong is just better for that role, he`s quicker than Brereton and that helps a lot with this tactic. Theres not that big gap on wingers ability either that could explain it. :) Very nice to here it works well for you! It really should, i´m still playing with a bit tweakd version of it and really happy with it. Its really, really good allround tactic for any team. :)
Good luck and hope you can keep good momentum going! :) Keep posting how it gets along and it you notice something that you think works well or bad, let me know. :)
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