Sep 28, 2011
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I'm starting a new save in the Mexican league with Xolos Tijuana. I've never played in Mexico before, does anyone have any player recommendations besides Carlos Fierro and Erik Torres? I'm in particular need for an RB, AMR and AML.

Any advice in general for playing in the league would be helpful as well.
**** yea xolox marco fabian for aml or amr use riascos up front martinez in left or right wing with fabian also for the right wing theres julio gomez played in the u-17 world cup with fierro and got man of the tournament really good as for right backs
Efrain Juarez
Paul Aguilar
Severo Meza
Jerry Flores
Hiram Mier
Israel Jimenez
I havent seen Torres in this game. Is he as good as he was in FM12?
I started out with a 4-1-2-1-2 and did really well, including dominating Hannover and PSG, unfortunately things have not gone as well in competitive matches. If you start the game with the Mexico start date, you only have 3 weeks of pre-season! Ridiculous! I may go back to my tried and tested tactic: Raikan's Complete Madness 4-3-3.

rickypp7, where would you play Joe Corona?
mmmmm good question tell me your whos playing were
My current lineup is:
GK: Saucedo
LB: Castillo (although unsettled by Werder Bremen, I'd really like to keep him)
CB: Gandolfi
CB: Aguilar
RB: Nunes
DM: Maya
CM: Leandro Agusto
CM: Arce
AML: Fidel Martinez
AMR: Coronoa
ST: Riascos/Herculez Gomez/Carlos Fierro/Alfredo Moreno

Well, ideally, but Martinez and Corona both got injured in the same game for a couple of weeks and I don't have much in the way of back up. The transfer window had already closed by the time I got your recommendations, so anybody else will have to wait.
fierro in ST Agusto is sheit put corona there and riascos on the right
Due to injuries and players finding form I've been playing:
GK: Saucedo
LB: Garza
CB: Salazar (picked him up off a free transfer)
CB: Aguilar
RB: Nunes
DM: Jorge Hernandez
CM: Pellerano
CM: Arce
AML: Fidel Martinez
AMR: Coronoa
ST: Riascos

And have been doing alright. Fierro needs more game time, I know but I'm on a good run and sitting in 3rd place. Although there is very little wiggle room in making the playoffs. Such a tense league!
yup yup hey im new here and i dont know how to meake a Thread so ill just ask you, i have a Bradford save in 4th season just made it to prem leage getting raped i think we ehen up to fast.

Anyway, i have 2 amazing players 1 is a Wonderkid other my winger they bouth need Flair is there a way to increase it?Heres a sreeenshot

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I'd recommend getting somebody with high flair to tutor them. But I'm not an expert on player development.