May 15, 2013
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Just started a game with Lincoln in the Blue Square Premier. I have £0 transfer and £400pw budget available. Is it best just to go for loans. I have a large database with most leagues loaded, are there any bargains out there?
Sign Dali Gomez, maybe try to snap up Josh Dawkins...and Pavol Suhaj...they ripped apart the league when I was playing with Imps:)
Those wages would maybe get you one decent player at BSP level. I'd look to reduce your squad and get rid of some deadwood - are there any players who are out of contract who you can release? Some recommended players if you manage to free up enough of a wage budget are David Lynch (MC) and Mirko Ranieri (GK) - you should be able to pick these up for around about £400pw.

You definitely need to look to the loan market, max out the long term loan player allowance (I think it's 4 per season?). I just do a player search, select available for loan and filter out unrealistic targets, sort this by value and then attempt to loan all of the best players £150k value and above.

I'm currently playing as FC Halifax Town, I'm top of the BSP in my 4th season in charge so if you have any tips or players to recommend let me know!
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