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List Of FM Sites

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Dec 27, 2010
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After noticing a lot of members advertising other FM sites on here , I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea if I just made a list of different websites connected with Football Manager.
If any Mods deem this unnecessary then feel free to close/delete it , I just thought it would be easier for other people to learn about different communities in one place.

Aid The Boss - http://www.aidtheboss.com/
Aid The Boss is a blog filled with hints , tips and advice on the varying aspects of Football Manager. A very helpful site when in need of help with your FM Career , it was started in February 2010 by Dan Monksfield and has really grown in the past few months. I would recommend paying it a visit.

FM-Britain - http://www.fm-britain.co.uk/
FM-Britain is a very informative , well written site crammed with different strategies , articles and tactics designed in order to help you succeed at Football Manager. With it's Podcasts and Downloadable Guides , FM-Britain is filled with arguably the most knowledgeable FM Bloggers on the Net with the likes of The Next Diaby and Thomas Levin regularly posters on the Site.

FM-Fanboys - http://www.footballmanagerfanboys.net/index.php
FM-Fanboys has a great layout making it easy to navigate around the different features of the site.It has a wide variety of guides , downloads and tactics which have helped it become so successful over the last year or two.99% of the members on there are friendly and willing to offer advice or help as much as they can.

FM-Scout - http://www.fmscout.com/
FM-Scout is very similar to FM-Base in the fact that it has a large,friendly forum community as well as some very good downloadable tactics , custom databases etc.
Like FM-Fanboys , the members are very helpful and willing to help you out as much as they can.An easy-to-use layout just adds to the fact what a great site it is.

Play Football Manager - http://www.playfootballmanager.com/
A site with an amazing skin and layout , Play Football Manager is mainly to do with the various challenges on Football Manager.However it also has a successful section where members can post their own FM Careers to gain feedback and advice on how to improve , what to do next etc.

Please note that the ones posted from now on I am unable to describe as I have not visited them so it would be unfair to comment on them.

FM-Reporter - http://www.fmreporter.com/

Football Manager Blog - http://www.footballmanagerblog.tk/

FMH Vibe -

Managerial Merry-Go-Round - http://managerialmerry-go-round.blogspot.com/

FMEurope - http://www.fmeurope.net

FMStories - http://www.fmstorie.net

FMZone - http://fmzone.pl

The Gaffa - http://www.the-gaffa.co.uk/

The Away Stand - http://www.TheAwayStand.co.uk

True Football Manager - http://www.truefootballmanager.com/

FMlive.it - http://www.fmlive.it

FM Greece - http://www.fmgreece.gr/

FM Formation - http://www.fmformation.net/

Football Manager Info - Football Manager Info

FM Site - http://www.fmsite.net/

FM View - FM View

Football Manager Story - http://www.FootballManagerStory.com

FM Freaks - http://www.fmfreaks.dk/

FM Chat - http://fmchat.co.uk/index.php?/forum/4-fmc-boardroom/

* I know the FM Chat Link takes you to their Board Room but for some reason the link to their Home Page wasn't working.

If anyone feels I have missed some , feel free to inform me and I will add it to the list.

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