Lita sidelined after freak injury

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Aug 23, 2006
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Reading striker Leroy Lita could be out for a month after suffering a freak injury.

Rofl @ Darren Barnard in that article.
only thing to say: lmao

howtf did Cainzares sever a ****** tendon by droppin a bottle of aftershave?!?! :|
Felt sorry for Canizares, meant he missed the World Cup.
They should add another Richard Wright one when he injured himself warming up and falling on a sign that said 'Don't practice in this goal' or something along those lines.
Or any player Wolves bought between 1990 and 2000 who all seemed to get injured by signing a contract....
Ha ha I remember that one Grant.
"Rio Ferdinand Picked up a tendon strain watching TV"

What an athlete :rolleyes:
the richard wright one is the best yet how ironic ehh
wolves player mark little has just injured himself by standing on a sprinkler :eek: