Aug 28, 2011
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Im really struggling with fm at the moment, i just generally struggle with everything especially with making a good tactic. I think everything through but then when i use it i concede lots of goals even though i am the far superior team. I also create no CCC's.

would somebody be able to give me a basic guide on how to create a half-decent tactic and then adjust it after looking at games

thank you
Pretty simple, start with three base tactics.

4-1-2-2-1 <--- My preferred due to defensive stability.
Depends what team you playing mate :)
I prefer a solid 442 but the match control is in your team strategy, your player roles and your shouts. Some shout configurations might not fit your team and will prevent you from scoring, also, you can't use the same tactic on all teams. Your have to count your losses, lick your wounds and document which tactic beats your opponents tactic.

I usually always play the same team because I am a hardcore supporter and if you can watch your team on the tele or live you can spot dead on which tactic the manager uses most and the player roles for that tactic + how he configures the team strategy, basically how you want your team to play etc.