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Jul 26, 2011
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Ok i have just started with liverpool (jan update). I have no money to spend on transfers and have £25000 extra for wages.
I have loaned out Downing and trying to get rid of Assaidi. I am playing with a formation that doesn't use wingers or wide midfielders.
Should i sell Sterling or will he be able to be used as back-up to Coutinho in the central attacking mid role?
I am going to sell either Agger or Skrtel, they will be replaced by either Albiol or Grant Hanley, to fund a few transfers, but not sure which one to sell?
I am needing a DM and a WBL any ideas on who i can bring in fairly cheap?
Jose angel is already on loan because its the jan update. Will try to get Simao once I sell either skrtel or agger
Depends on playing style but Agger has been boosted on new patch One of the best BP defenders for possession tactics.
Sterling can develop into an awsome winger who scores wonder goals but have never retrained-AMC

WBL=Pablo Armero free from Udinese in first season Jan Window worth waiting for wages 50-60k.
I cannot get WP for simao on new patch!!!

DM=Lorik Cana/Leonardo Ponzio/Stefan Reinhartz as long as leverkuusen don try and pull your pants down on the price.
Cana wants ridiculous wages and the other 2 DMs dont want to come to me/too expensive. I cant get a work permit for Simao either.
My DoF has had a loan offer for Matuidi from PSG accepted should I take him for my DM problem?
My DoF has had a loan offer for Matuidi from PSG accepted should I take him for my DM problem?

I would take him for season if he solves/fits formation then look to Jan window for frees and players for next season as no funds in Jan are given by board anyway first season can be tricky at times with the mighty pool on new patch.

If you start doing well players are more inclined to join making Europe or Champions cup is a must hence I do not sell in first season and use formation to fit players until the end of season when funds are better and I can start seriously moulding team/tactics.
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