Liverpool 2nd season help

Adnan Khan

Sep 3, 2012
Hi guys!! I had an unbeaten first season with Liverpool using 4-4-2 flat and wide diamond (H). Since then the interest in my players from other managers grew. There was a lot of transfer activities in the pre-season. My current players quite different from the first season ones. Could you please suggest me some good tacticsXD.
Here are some of my top players.
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This is how they look in my current set up.
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Though I have a lot of potentials for AF role, there isn't anyone backing up Suarez. And then Fernando isn't the best DLP(My playmaker) you could find:S.
Here are my potential superstars.
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And in my save, Danny is transfer listed. I could get him for $18mil at 100k p/w. Should I go for him?
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I got a $20.5 mil offer for Downing, I initially accepted it but declined once he asked for 40k p/w for four years. Thats like $8.32 mil.:O Arsenal are still interested. Should I offer him in January? And how do you get rid of Aquilani and Joe Cole?oO)
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