Liverpool 2nd Season - Transfer Advice


Apr 14, 2013
Just started my second season with Liverpool, finished 3rd so in Champions League this season and will probably need to strengthen a few areas.

Here's my current squad, I also have Wisdom, Robinson, and Coates returning from their loans:

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Looking to offload Reina, as I have Mignolet who had a good season and Reina won't be happy on the bench, so selling him for 15m. Also selling Johnson for 12m as he got injured 6 times last season! Not sure about Sturridge, good player IRL but on the game he just shoots from all over the park and with Suarez up front and Aspas as backup I can only play him as an IF on the right as backup to Lamela, but he's **** in that position.

Any suggestions on who to buy / sell? Thinking of Corchia, can get him for 12m, even though Kelly had a great season I'm not sure how well he'll do in the CL. Will also need a backup GK as Jones wants to leave, preferably someone young to play in Capital One Cup etc, and a 3rd keeper for reserves in case of injury.

I don't really have much cover for Lucas either, loaned Javi Garcia last season with the option to buy for 7m but is not interested in joining on a permanent deal.

After selling Johnson and Reina I should have a transfer budget of about 50m.

Any suggestions much appreciated!


Jun 3, 2013
Get Corchia he's epic look at players like Juan Sanchez mino as over for Lucas as he can also play LB and is cheap sell sturridge u have samed yesil as a 3rd choice striker.and for keepers Butland,Leali,Bardi perhaps


Jun 10, 2011
Kadu (fcp) gk for bout 210 hopefully hes played and devolped. T.Watt nack up ST or N.Maupey for IF look at R.Rochina hes immense or A.Knockaart from Leicester hes quite good. Lucas cover/replacement erm Wanyama or J.Radosevic (napoli) or T.Podstwski