Nov 4, 2009
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So i got a bit fed up with downloading masses of tactics only for them to be a flop or be totally rubbish.

So for the first time i had a bash at creating my own tactic. I decided to go for the classic 4-2-3-1 with 2 CM's as opposed to 2 DM's. Being Liverpool it was a fairly obvious choice of tactic.

I started off really well winning 11 of my opening 12 games. Drawing to Man City (Reina pulling out all the stops, i got lucky!)

However, since then my tactics have been very hit and miss. For no reason i have started conceding goals on a regular basis and against poor teams. For instance i beat Panathinikos 3-1 in the Europa Cup and then went on to lose to Birmingnham who are 17th 2-1.

I seem to concede a lot of goals from balls lifted behind my defense or Johnson (my RB) going wandering and losing his man at the far post.

I considered using a DM such as Lucas but the 2 CM's contribute alot to my attacking moves.

I do score enough goals but not masses and would like this improved. I understand you cant win every game 3,4,5-0 but improvements would be nice.

If anyone would be willing to have a bash with the tactic and give me a bit of feedback/ improve it would be ideal. No promises it works with any other team as its tailor made to my Liverpool team.

Any questions ask away. I will try and screenies if necessary.
A ss of your team and team instructions would be very helpful.
I tried this formation with liverpool as well and i had no luck! lost 3 out of my 4 opening fixtures against man city, everton and wolves
The screenshot of the Liverpool team is. The Burton Albion screenshot is of Soccermanager, so ignore that! I have heard about the Nike defense system but not sure how well it works?
I have heard about the Nike defense system but not sure how well it works?

Idk m8, heard alot of good things about the system but I didn't use it much, so you should probably ask some1 else about that.
Any ideas how to improve the defence? Just not really playing as a unit and conceding regullary off corners and in behind balls?
so about your tactics. Try playing lucas and shelvy as a DM, so pull them back.
Remove jonjo from ur playmaker!
home tac :
Philosophy : fluid
Strategy : att
Passing : direct / default
Freedom : default
closing : default / press more
Tackling : HARD
Marking : man
Crossing : default
Roaming : default
when away , switch strategy to counter. This is my advice, you still have alot of options
and ways to experiment with your tactics, just make sure once you select the desiring style of play,
leave it that way (don't change it too often) so the players can blend in.
Oh yea, and try playing with wing backs and set your CB to limited defender (stopper), did you consider playing with 3 AMCs ?

I could help you alot more if you would post a SS of your team, the whole team :)
ok, make another save and try this.
GK : Reina
DR : G.Johnson (Try training him to play WBR-Support)
DL : J.Angel (Same as G.johnson)
DC : D.Agger (Limited defender - stopper)
DC : M.Skrtel (Same as D.Agger)
DM : Lucas (I'm not so sure about the role, so I leave this to you)
MC : R.Meireles (Central midlefielder - support)
AMC : S.Gerrard (I suggest a role in which he can shoot alot from distance)
AMC : J.Cole (I leave this to you)
AMC : M.Rodriguez (I leave this to you)
CF : Tough decision as I don't know the players well, try to find a good poacher/targetman
Team : fluid, man mark, hard tackling, direct passing, play through the middle, counter attack YES

I'm working atm so when I get home I will try to help you more detailed.