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Mar 16, 2013
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Hello guys i started with FM13 recently its going pretty well for now :) Anyways i am at 2nd season leading Liverpool and i switched to 4 4 2 already starting to prepare and blend the team to get to know tactics and style i'll be playing. Here are "few" things i wanna ask, every help would really be appreciated :D

This is my formation currently which is going to change a bit for next season so this tactics can work nicely :) with your help i hope i will accomplish what i want and get the information i was wondering about :)

This is style i want to play

This is Rodriguez question about him is how much time and is it even possible for him to play ML ( Winger ) role as his natural ( Light Green ) And which training focus do you suggest for him / Preferred moves :)

This is Moritz Leitner same question about him i want him to play as MR ( Winger ) is it possible and how much time i need . Which Training focus / preferred moves you suggest :)

This is Toni Kroos most of you already know him i want him to play central midfielder or playmaker on ( CM ) but i prefer Central midfielder ( Support ) . Which training focus / preferred moves you suggest and how much time is he going to need to adapt ( Light Green ) for MC ? Also if you guys think i could better use a playmaker there which i don't like at all playmakers in general is bad from my opinion for FM .. :p But if much of you or some of you with good knowing of the game tell me i should use him as CM playmaker i will :)

This is Victor Caro my Targeted Man really good imagined player ( I call them that way don't know how you guys call those new players :p ) Should i play him as TM or CF ? :D

This is Denys Garmash the player i wanna get in next transfer window for my CM ( Def role ) what do you think or do you have any experiences with him ? :D I wanna replace Steven with him because i think Denys is much better at that position and Steven is getting old anyways :)

Really appreciate your help all of you who will give 10 mins or so of their lifes to look at all this and help me !!! :D
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