Jan 6, 2010
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A New Dawn

As Kenny Dalglish leaves the role of Liverpool manager vacant after the teams worst league season in 18 years, owner John W. Henry has announced Tomoya Nagase as the new manager effective immediatly.

"With Kenny we wanted to try something that had worked before, a true legend to the club who definitely deserved a chance. This was just not the right time for him to work at that position in the club and therefore we are going to try something completely different. Just because the manager is unheard of by most, do not think this is not a decision we have contemplated for long. Thorough discussions have been held before the decision was made and we are backing Tomoya Nagase 120% at this stage, and we have hopes that he can bring this club back to the utter most glory once more"

The board have told me that their expectations are that we reach a Europa League spot this year, by finishing at least 7th in the league.
Something I really think we should manage considering the economy and players available at the club, although I've made a few changes during the first transfer window.

With Henderson, Cole and Downing out on loans I managed to free up some money for salaries that was needed for the new players I had my eyes on. FC Porto, Swansea and Fulham all have a clause in the loans that specify a sum at which they are able to buy the players more permanently any time during the loan period, a good deal for all teams I'd say as they weren't really in my first team plans anyway.
Some fans got upset at the sellings of Reina and Johnson as they both went to rivaling teams, but what can I say? I believe that they paid way more than they were worth, and I got funds to get the players I wanted.
If my gut feeling is correct, ter Stegen will be able to surpass Reina in class very soon, and seeing as he is much younger he will be able to stay with us for a very long time. Gary Medel from Sevilla is a very versetile player who is capable of playing in the defense, centre and to the right, as well as a defending midfielder or a more central one.
With Suarez being fully capable of occupying any flank position and also in the spot right behind the striker, I saw fit to get the polish workhorse Lewandowski to help us strengthen the offense.

What do all of you think, could've we have done a better transfer window, what would you have done?


My first test in a real competition would come against Stabaek as we fought for a spot in the Europa League. Seeing as some of the new players weren't available yet, they came too late to be registered for this round, I would have to manage with a thin squad. Not to be disrespectful but this really was a game that we should win.

And win we did.
The first game was actually a comfortable win, even though it was only by the odd goal they never really threatened our defence.
When they later came to Anfield, the class difference was once again too obvious as we got a solid win after both Assaidi and Kacaniklic scored in their debutes, while Sahin got his first goal for the club in his second game.

The draw against Dundee was a decent one for us, a team we should beat but by no way a walk in the park.
They got an early surprise goal when they came to visit and even with our dominance on the pitch, we just couldn't seem to score. That is until Steven Gerrard showed us the way by single handedly turning it around in our favour.
Giving some younger players the chance in the game in Scotland showed fruitful as Kacaniklic scored once more together with Sahin. But it was Raheem Sterling who stole the show with two well placed shots from his right wing that Cierzniak in the Dundee goal had no chance of catching.

My League debut didn't go as good as the one in Europe.
A weak game saw us pretty much outplayed by newly promoted Southampton who kept piling on the pressure.
Our defence did rather well, considering what was going on on the pitch, but a indecisive Lewandowski was made lackluster by the Southampton defenders. I am guessing he will take some time to settle though, and I will give him that time, I know what quality he possess, he just need to get it out there.

Here are the largest transfers made by Premier League clubs this transfer window.
Lewandowski being the most expensive one and with us at Liverpool spending much money on new transfers as well as getting much for our sellings.​