Liverpool fc 2nd saison striker doesn't score


May 21, 2012
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I'm in my second saison with liverpool. The first saison i ended 4th with a 4-2-2-2 counter attacking football without transfers. My second saison i did some good transfers i think and i start playing a lot of draws but my strikers scored a lot of goals. I changed my formation to a 4-3-3 and i start winning most of the games..
won against city, barca, psg and manu in my first 8 games. Then came lower teams like fc cluj in championsleague and brighton in competition and my strikers just won't score against them and get a lot of changes.. suarez only scores goals from right side so not as striker, borini was great first saison but didn't score one goal half saison, i bought berbatov as back-up only for 5mil.. and reus as left winger.. they all score easy against high rated teams..
I think its more to do with your formation and settings than it is your players mate :) you have good strikers!

post a screenshot of your tactics and team instructions and the instructions of the striker
I can't upload it right now i don't have my laptop with me :d
But i play with a poacher and 2 wingers reus and suarez..
reus is good for many assist and goals but gets a rating 6.82 i think .p
This is my team, i win easily at home right at the moment away games are tuffer..
berbatov after 20 games 5 goal