Oct 30, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I have been struggling for a while to get a game going with Liverpool FC. Have tried just about everything, but I will NEVER win. My players are horrible, missing simple passes, ******** up chances, shooting from long range, and generally play like a bunch of retards. Key players NEVER perform. Suarez is invisible most of the time, Gerrard only scores on penalites and Reina seems like he has never caught a ball in his life.

I have tried different tactics, tried mostly with a 4-2-3-1 with Suarez on the top as a CF and Gerrard or Coutinho behind him as an AP trying to feed chances to him. My wingers have been set to IF mostly, with Sturridge on the right and Sterling on the left, with Downing filling in where needed. Assaidi is useless in every save for me. Jose Enrique and Johnson are thoroughly average, and seem to be performing adequately without being impressive for most of the time, although my assistant keep saying that Johnson is skinned too often.

Agger and Skrtel are probably my most consistent performers, raking around 7.1-7.3 mostly. I concede terrible goals, and a lot of them.

I usually get fired around halfway through the season after desperately fighting around in the bottom half of the table, and usually crashing out the Europa League (if I am lucky enough to beat the ****** eastern european team I usually meet in quals).

Players are mostly complacent, or even frustrated or angry during matches. I try to calm them down, and motivate, but most of my team talks fall completely flat, with often negative reactions.

Does anyone have any tips that they can share about managing this glorious club? Tactic ideas, tactical setups, anything? I am really frustrated here, because I used to be able to play this game and have fun, and recently it's just been impossible and such a chore.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help!
And who said FM wasn't realistic. |)
Impossible to help without seeing your tactics
I won the premier league in my first season.. it's not impossible.. you just need to add correctly to the squad and play to its strengths.
I played a 352 or 532.
sold lucas for 22mil.
bought in okore, eduardo (scored lots) & victor wanyama.
I used a tactic called sweeper 352 from this site.
Since the 13.3.3 update I have the same problem... Not just with 'Pool, but with every team.