Jan 10, 2011
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I am starting the game with Liverpool from the 2011-2012 season for story purposes as I holidayed the first season. Whatever happened in 2010-2011 season with Liverpool like League Position, when they went out to the cup, some embarrassing defeats or emphatic wins will decide Kenny Daglish fate as Liverpool manager after he took over from Hodgson halfway through the season. Note: I am not using the real fixtures or anything I just holidayed the first season with no modificiations.

Kenny Daglish's Liverpool Season

IN - Hector Mancilla - £3,000,000
Marc Bertran - £4,700,000
Johan Elmander - £7,000,000

OUT - Peter Gulacsi - Celtic - Loan Fee 40k
Victor Palsson - Free
Dean Bouzanis - Free
Charles Itanjde - Free
Steve Irwin - Free

Are the board happy with Daglish's season?

English Premier League: 3rd Place - 73pts
League Cup: 3rd Round - Lost 1-0 to Sheff Utd
FA Cup: 3rd Round - Lost 2-0 to Cardiff
Europa League: Finalists - Lost to Palermo 2-0

Official Statement from John W.Henry

We have offically assessed Daglish's season as Caretaker manager and we will be announcing our decision on his future at Anfield, regarding whether he will be getting the job on a permanent basis or wether we will be looking to replace him with another manager. Regardless of whatever happens we would like to thank Daglish for stepping in on such short notice at the halfway point of the season and we are extremely grateful for his services and getting the morale of our players back up and spreading the good feel back round Anfield again.

Liverpool qualify for Champions League


Kenny Daglish has led his team from 12th place when he took over to 3rd place in the Premier League, qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. Daglish's appointment was referred to as a life saver. It took Daglish no time to dig Liverpool out of the massive hole they were in and once again started to play the football Liverpool used to play. Daglish just hopes that his fantastic season is enough to secure him a long term deal at Liverpool, or more importantly keep the big players at Anfield.

Torres and Gerrard to stay


Liverpool's star players, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard have announced that they will be staying at Liverpool for another season. Gerrard and Torres were particulary pleased with the appointment of Daglish as they showed it in there form, Torres getting 13 goals in 24 appearences in a troublesome injury full season whilst Gerrard got 12 goals and 13 assists in 30 appearences. The Liverpool board will be very happy to hear the news of the star duo staying and the question is will this impact the fate of Kenny Daglish?

Torres,Gerrald and kuyt are stars for liverpool. let them stay at liverpool. but Manager you have to buy another striker to help torres . i"m suggest ribery or benzema or david silva. also it is better if we'll buy lucio and maicon as defender. and hulk and kaka at the middle.
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Loving this op. Something a bit different starting in 2nd season. All the best :)
Gerrard backs Daglish


Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard has made it publicly known that he backs current manager of Liverpool Kenny Daglish to keep the job and secure a permanent deal after leading the club to a 3rd place finishing, jumping up a whole 9 places since he took charge in January. Gerrard has said that Daglish makes the team click again like it used to and that the morale in the dressing room is at a all time high after qualifying for the Champions League, unfortunately Daglish took Liverpool all the way to the final but was beat by Palermo 2-0. Gerrard and all his team mates are backing for Daglish to stay on as permanent manager.

Sky Sports have officially received a statement from John W.Henry on behalf of the Liverpool owners.

Me and the rest of the board have discussed the matter of Kenny Daglish in great detail, and we find it in the best interest of the club to try and keep him here as our manager. Daglish had a great season for us and we believe that he is the man to take us foward and put more trophies into our trophy cabinet, so at the moment we are currently in contract negotiations with Kenny Daglish and he has agreed to sign a four year deal as manager at Liverpool FC. Thank you everyone.

Interview with Daglish

FourFourTwo: Welcome Kenny, thanks for taking up this opportunity of a interview on such short notice.
Kenny Daglish: Not a problem, I'm happy to be here.
FFT: Kenny, how happy are you that you have signed a four year deal as manager of Liverpool FC?
KD: Any manager would be absolutely estatic at signing a deal with Liverpool, there such a big club and have such a big reputation that it would make any manager happy, so of course, as you would imagine I am extremely happy at signing as manager.
FFT: What were the reasons behind you taking the caretaker manager position six months ago?
KD: Liverpool has always had a big part in my life. I love the city, I love the supporters, I love the team. I would never turn down an opportunity of such, especially at my dream club.
FFT: Now last but not least, have you got any transfer targets in mind for the new season given the bulk of a transfer budget you have which we have been told is around £40,000,000?
KD: Well, I have a couple but I am currently in contract negotians with a striker and things are going very well and we will be looking to announce the proceedings of the process as soon as possible.
FFT: Thanks for your time Kenny.
KD: Not a problem.

Liverpool complete double signing


Liverpool have today announced the signings of Real Madrid midfielder Sami Kheidra for £5,000,000 and Schalke's Dutch target man Klaas Jan Huntelaar for a whopping £23,000,000. Huntelaar and Kheidra are very happy at being able to join Liverpool FC and are going to be looking towards bringing some long awaited glory to the Pool and help Liverpool progress as a team. Huntelaar and Kheidra are expected to fit in perfectly to Daglish's 4-4-2 formation with Huntelaar expected to partner Torres up front whilst Kheidra partners the Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard in midfield.

Great signings in Huntelaar and Khedira, should bring you success :)
wouldn't say huntelaar was a target man, definiitely more of a poacher.. but I love him, and it's a great signing. interesting to see how you'll fit him into a team with torres.
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