Nov 2, 2012
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So I have done stories on the Pentagon Challenge (will continue it sometime later in the year), The Level 9 England Youth Challenge, and a story on my country Lebanon. I have never gotten far with these stories and since i support Liverpool, i wanted to start a new save with them. In my previous save I got sacked but I continued and had spells at Crystal Palace and Havre AC, and I'm really enjoying it. Although, with the new transfers like Coutinho and Sturridge I want to start off fresh and hope I can get far in this story.

I wont be signing any forwards, I will buy a centre-back, and probably a GK and a CM. If you guys could give me good young players to sign that would be great :D. Also, I will make this story realistic and not just go straight into things.

Hope you guys like it :)
I'll tell you straight off that you don't need to buy any Center mids'. Suso is a future star in the AMC role and Shevely turnes into England's best CM by a mile. Henderson dose a decent job and Coady, Spearing and Lussey are all great Squad players. I'm a huge fan of Spearing myself, he made it onto my team as a BWM every save on FM11.

Also, DOn't bother buying a CB. Kelly is already at Premier League Level and Coates and Wilson are not that far off. A GK is a nessesary buy but don't spend money on what the club already has.
Brendan Rodgers Shocking Departure!

Eurosport News has received shocking news from Melwood! Brendan Rodgers has officially left his post as Liverpool FC Manager! After only a month and a half, the reason Rodgers left the job was explained in an interview at Melwood, here was what Rodgers had to say: "I am very sorry to the the board, the players and the fans. I have decided to take a break from football, I have problems back home in Northern Ireland and I have to take care of family, although I love this club very much. Sadly, I wont get the chance to manage this team and to the next manager of Liverpool FC; good luck and I hope you take the club back to where it belongs!"

What do Liverpool do now? They struggled to get a manager at first and now that manager has left, will a local hero manage the team? Could Jamie Carragher retire and be named Manager of Liverpool FC? We'll find out tonight on LFCTV as they have said to already have found a suitable replacement... Let's see who this person is.
oh then thanks for the advice, I guess now all I have to do is get rid of any deadwood (if there is any) and get a backup GK like Butland, then when Reina leaves in a few years he'll be my #1 Goalkeeper. Thanks again for the advice. :)
New Liverpool FC Manager Revealed.

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Eurosport News: LFCTV are going live and are set to announce their new manager.
LFCTV (Tom Werner): In a shocking turn of events, Brendan Rodgers had to leave as manager of Liverpool FC, sadly. Now, we knew we couldn't get another top-class manager, therefore we will announce our new Manager of Liverpool FC in a few moments. He played around 50 games for Liverpool, he also went out on loan to a few clubs, and he won 28 caps and scored 4 goals for Australia... meet our new manager; Hamoudi Fayad!

Eurosport News: Former Liverpool player who is 25 years old, Hamoudi Fayad was struck by a career-ending injury last year but has returned to manage Liverpool FC and take them back to the top!
His first managerial job ever, let's see his style of play and what he has in mind.​
Hamoudi Fayad: First Press Conference, Plans, etc

Press Conference:
-So Hamoudi, how does it feel like to manage Liverpool FC?
"It is a dream come true, I do not want to fail at this club. It isn't going to be fun and games, it will be a very tough task."
-And what are your plans? Will you be looking to get rid of deadwood in the staff and the players?
"In the staff, yes. I have seen about 8 members of staff who don't suit my style of play and some i feel aren't good enough for the squad. As for the players, I will maybe get rid of one or two. And I will not be planning to buy anyone, only probably a back-up goalkeeper. Jack Butland has caught my eye and I expect him to be the heir for Pepe Reina."
-And what about your style of play, Hamoudi?
"I like to play counter-attacking football, and where my players play free-flowing football and are allowed their own creative freedom. I feel that counter-attacking is a very important tactic in football, but I will also be looking if it suits the players, if it doesn't then I will have to think of something new."
-Thank you for your time Hamoudi.
Pre-Season, Europa League 3QR, Tactics.

We had a great pre-season, we won all games including the Europa League Qualifying Round.

Pre-Season Friendlies

#1 - Al Ahli (UAE) (Away) - 5-2 (W)
Suarez, Gerrard (pen), Coutinho, Downing, Ahmed (OG)

#2 - Celtic (Home) - 5-2 (W)
Skrtel, Lucas, Suarez (2), Forster (OG)

#3 - Velez (Home) - 5-3 (W)
Sterling, Suarez (3), Agger

UEFA Europa League 3rd QR

#1 - Rapid Buc. (Home) - 2-0 (W)
Wallace (OG), Sterling

#2 - Rapid Buc. (Away) - 3-0 (W)
Lucas, Henderson, Coutinho

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Premier League Kick-Off, EL Playoff Round.


I started off with 2 matches in the BPL against Arsenal and Chelsea, and 2 Playoff Round matches against FC Midtjylland.

Match 1
vs. Chelsea (Away)

Henderson (90+1)

Match 2
vs. Arsenal (Home)

1-0 (W)
Suarez (19)


Match 1
vs. Midtjylland (Home)
3-0 (W)
Skrtel (19), Borini (33), Suarez (90+2)

Match 2
vs. Midtjylland (Away)
1-1 (4-1 (W) on Aggregate)
Daniel Agger (18)
Gerrard Injured; 2-3 months.

League Table, Europa League Group, Transfers & POTM
We are currently 4th place in the BPL after two games.. we're in the Europa League Group E with BSC Young Boys, Spartak Moscow and Slask.

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We only brought in 3 transfers, Jetro Willems for 7M Pounds, Enrique was injured, Flanagan and Robinson were out on loan so we needed another cover for LB so I brought in Willems, I also brought in Simon Mignolet as cover for Reina for 3M pounds and 5M over 12 months. I tried to send him out on loan until the end of the season but it didn't work out. Finally I brought in AMC Erich Berko from Stuttgart on loan with a future fee of 2.5M Pounds. I sent Downing out on loan to Spurs with a future fee of 8.75M and Conor Coady, Joao Carlos and Kristoffer Peterson went out loan.
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Luis Suarez
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2 Goals, 3 Assists in 5 games. Also scored 6 in 3 in pre-season.

I also promised to show my tactics and here it is.
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I created a player who is 14 years old and has potential to become amazing, I accidentally forgot to not add him into this save but I did, is there a way to take him out? If there isn't, what do you guys think I should do.. continue playing with him or what?


September Games: Premier League, Europa League & Capital One Cup

Match #3: BPL
vs. West Brom (Away)
2-1 (W)
Johnson (24), Lucas (88)

Match #4: BPL
vs. Newcastle (Away)
3-1 (L)
Suarez (61)
1st loss as Liverpool manager, disappointing performance.

Match #1: Europa League Gr. Stage
vs. Spartak M (Home)
Agger (6')

COC Third Round
vs. Blackburn (Home)
3-0 (W)
Allen (22), Borini (23), Johnson (27)

Match #5: BPL
vs. Norwich (Home)
0-1 (L)

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