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Jan 22, 2011
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Soo, after a while playing as Fulham & Hartlepool I've decided to manage my own team, Liverpool. Took a look at the squad when I took over...no cash, but I wasn't too bothered about that- they've got a good first squad and plenty of reserves to cover. Or so I thought...

2 Premiership games into the season, and Jovanovic, Kuyt, Shelvey, Meireles, Mareseca (free signing), N'Gog, Rodriguez, Konchesky, Darby and Franco (free signing, guy who was at West Ham) are all out for at least 2 months.

I like to squad rotate, so need two sets of 10 outfield players, but now I've had to call up Ecclestone, Spearing, Bruna, Palsson and Suso into the squad, and have had to sell Pacheco to Barca (sold for 4mill, 900k was what the board gave me...) in order to finance a couple of sub-par loans.

I've never had a run of injuries this bad in over a decade of playing FM, is this just a problem that Liverpool have in FM2011, or am I just unlucky?