May 21, 2012
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I'm playing FM for 4 years, I always had a lot of succes with Liverpool and other teams. This years it was very difficult to succeed with liverpool for me, i tried a lot of different tactics, self made, dowloaded.. I think i played more then 15 saisons, always succesful but just not with liverpool.

Now few weeks ago i deceided to give liverpool one last chance on FM 2013. And it started really really ****, lost almost every friendly match, lost uefa cup against vitesse and lost first competition match against everton with 1-4, so i deceided to make a hole new tactic because the other didn't work. This was the right chose. I won 7 of the 8 next matches with a 4-0 against man u and only conceided 4 goals, 2 of them last game (5-2 winst over sunderland)

I need some testers with some fm knowledge to try this tactic out and what i can change but it seems to work for me..

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Just a suggestion, but you may want to include some screen shots and further information about who plays where and why.
People tend to be more willing to try things out then :)