Liverpool relegated from Premier League after 13.3.0 patch 2014


Mar 28, 2012
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Hello all,

While I was playing through my latest game, I realized that Liverpool were in the relegation zone with 10 games to go.

When it came to the end of the season Liverpool had been relegated with just 6 wins all season. Even though they have the likes of Suarez, Diego Costa, Gerrard etc. Also this game is in

I am now in June and have decided to upload this save as I feel that this save may be very interesting.

Anyway please download and enjoy the save. And feel free to upload screenshots with how your season goes.

Here is the link

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Liverpool got relegated in the first season of a save game I started when fm 2013 was released. It made easy pickings of their players who were unhappy. :)
before the last major ME patch, liverpool got relegated a few times or were finishing in the bottom 5 every save i done.

now since the patch, theyve been pushing for the title every save and also beating other big clubs to signing players :S
Before 13.3 I think Liverpool were way to good, now they are more stable :) But I think the game is a random. I saw Stoke ending up on the 2nd place first season, just got to get relegated next. I think it's strange that all clubs buy Bayern's stars. I once saw David Alaba chance to Liverpool, which seems to be a step backwards in his career. No offence to Liverpool fans! The game is totally unrealistic, but I still enjoy it though.
thanks for the upload! you need to validate your mediafire account