Liverpool Signings - 4th Season


Apr 14, 2013
Any recommendations for my Liverpool side? Just won the league for a third time, the CL and lost in the FA Cup final.

Serge Aurier, after a terrible 18 months, was sold for 17.5 mil. I signed Carvajal for 27 mil in January and have Flanagan and Wisdom for backup so that position is sorted.

Papadopoulos is hit and miss, one game he is great, the next he is ****. Maybe replace him with Zouma?

Kurzawa had a great season. I also signed Jonathan Silva on a free as backup, and I saw Luke Shaw listed for 27 mil so I signed him as well. Arsenal are after Kurzawa so maybe I could sell him for about 22 mil or keep him and rotate?

Batshuayi had a great first season, but managed just 5 goals in 24 apps last season, so I put him on the TL and I've had 4 bids for 30 mil! Sturridge, in 45 apps scored 38 goals and 18 assists so I'm keeping him.

I can sign Ocampos for a bargain 3.6 mil, who can be backup for Bernard.

Was thinking of selling Joe Allen for about 15 mil as well. But not sure I need a replacement as I have Rossiter and Pugliese.

So maybe all I need is a striker? I'm gonna make a new formation with 2 up top as I struggled at times last season with just 1 up front. My budget if I sell Batshuayi will be 80 mil.

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