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Liverpool Transfer Update Top Heavy Rock n Roll Tactic


Nov 28, 2009
Hi guys,

So as a final push in FM16 I wanted to start as my beloved Liverpool using some of the transfer updates here to get a feel for them for FM17.

I have had success playing a 4-2-3-1 formation previously with Liverpool but given they are so top heavy with attacking options (so many AM's) I was wondering can anyone help with a tactic that incorporates Klopp's Gegenpressing but possibly plays with 3 strikers (Mane, Firmino and Sturridge) and an AMC(Coutinho, Wijnaldum)?

Basically I want the high press and a if you score 10 we'll score 11 similar to the Arsenal game on Sunday.

Also would 2 Box to Box CM's work? Or would that leave me so exposed?

Attacking, Pressing and Goals. Hardly too much to ask? lol

Thanks in advance.