Apr 18, 2006
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9th day of the year and 9 goals in 4 days..... would any football fan or a Liverpool fan ever thought they would see this coming....

Goodness!! 9 goals in 2 games and tht happens in a space of 4 days! Not a single Liverpool fan would ever think of sucha thing happening.

What happen? Did the players lose confidence during the game? Managers choice of players? Esp the entire defense and not forgetting the HERO of 2005 Dudek! Out of the 9 goals I can only think of one which can be a good goal, the 1st goal by Rosicky, the rest were all very very bad defending....A Arsenal without Henry,Rosicky,Helb and Gilberto could kick Liverpool **** so bad. Some might have just went to bed after the interval. Before they could even shut their eyes the "beast" scores his 3rd!!!

The commentator even mentioned that the last time Liverpool let in 5 goals was some whre in the 1914's!!! After 70 yrs, guess its time to change history, to lose at home with tht type of score line is pretty hard to swallow. The defense really made The Beast and his side kick the UNWANted frenchie look so good tht their manager might just play them in the next game. As much as Liverpool did try to fight back in the Carling Cup game but once again the same thing happen. Another goal just before the end of regular time (similar to the FA CUP) and another bad defending!! Now, I really doubt what Paleta is made off even after he provided Hyypia with a nice cross to allow him to score the 3rd goal. Would it matter if RB does not change his line up and maintained the same players? Would Kyut have made the difference had he been playing instead of Bellamy? Sigh.... And to lose Gonzalez and Euro Player Garcia in this lost. Just goin to make the injury crisis worst for the team, where is MOMO ? He is needed badly. RB should not have let Hamman go

Wonder what will RB say during the post match conference, if thre was one? He would be so speechless. The would be NEW INVESTORS might just change their mind and ask for a refund...

In two weeks time meeting Chelski at HOME! N I dare not want to think what can or might happen... can we start a winning streak frm this weekend onwards starting with Watford? Can Liverpool score 5 goals this weekend to sweeten things alittle? Well, I do hope so much tht it will happen or else it might just be a F******G wonderful start to 2007 for LFC and all their fans !
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Hahahaha they got pwned by a bunch of kids tbh.
Four goals for baptista, now that a massive embrassment in its own right. Wish i'd watched that game now.
Yeah so do i, i watch the ****** spurs cardiff game but not this one, what was i thinking?

You got spanked, but you probably have Boro soon so don't worry :)
this game was ******* magnificent. gerrard tried to pull it back by a brilliant goal, but the kids just smacked the ball about and then arsenal scored again. aliadiere (sp?) had a ******* beauty of a game, best ive ever seen him play.
Gerrard's goal was good. Roflmao at Dudek and Liverpool's defendin, but it was just one of thosegames where most of the shots just went it. I mean Baptista only had four or five shots! Liverpool better pick it up for when they play Chelsea, and I just hope Arsenal get tonked in their next game ready for us to pwn them :D

Amazing game though
Agreed tht Liverpool were beaten by a bunch of KIDS! :| And alot of fans will be ranting around thinking what is going to happen when CHELSKI comes to town in two weeks time??? Will the same thing happen again?

As much as Stevie did score a wonderful goal. Looks like the defense and goal keeping department will have to be sorted out in the next few days. To lose 3-1 with first team players and to LOSE 6-3 with some 2nd stringers is WORST. Rafa is going to be thinking alot after this and i do not think he has much option with his defense for the time being but to tell them to BUCK UP!!!

this game was ******* magnificent. gerrard tried to pull it back by a brilliant goal, but the kids just smacked the ball about and then arsenal scored again. aliadiere (sp?) had a ******* beauty of a game, best ive ever seen him play.

Aliadiere had a ******* good game becos Liverpool defenders made him look good! On a good day he will just be by the sidelines doing nothing.... HEHEHEHE...