Dec 14, 2010
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I searched the forum for a bit and couldn't really find too much information on this so here goes...

I'm building up my youth team on my 2015/16 season save having just got a Youth Academy and upgraded my training and youth facilities. I've done an Arsenal to some extent and scouted out some talents in rival clubs and signed a few 15/16 year olds to stick in my under 19's team.

My questions are...

1) My scouts have "Judging Player Ability/Potential" at around 18/19 each and when I scout players I sign the kids that have the comment "has the potential to play at a similar level to/be better than [best player in that position]". When I sign them and check their reports my coaches, with "Judging Player Ability/Potential" at about 15/16 say "has not got the potential to reach [best player in that position]'s level of ability". Or maybe one or two will agree with the scouting reports and the others won't. Who am I to believe?

2) Even if my coaches believe that they only have the potential to play at the SAME level as a certain player (or worse!), is there a chance that they will become better than them with the proper coaching/decent facilities/proper playing time etc or is that the absolute maximum they can achieve?

Thanks in advance!
1) Scouts can be wrong no matter how good they are - but I'd believe the one with the better judging attributes.

2) Yes, as I said scouts can be wrong but their is a maximum potential that a player can achieve. Many factors go into whether a player ever achieves his potential - amount of first team football, coaching, certain attributes (determination, sportsmanship, ambition). FYI, sportsmanship and ambition are both hidden attributes that go into making up a players personality.
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I use fmrte and just take a quick look at the player when a scout recommends him (A)