Nov 5, 2009
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After sacking the Kop idol – Kenny Dalglish, the Liverpool’s owners and board were facing the challenge to bring the glory days back to Liverpool city and more specific – Anfield. So this time John W. Henry decided to try something extremely new and different – hiring an young and inexperienced manager who has never been appointed as a manager in real life but has a plenty of “virtual” years in coaching and managing teams and players in a game called “Football Manager”. This decision was defined as “strange, insane and catastrophically” by the media but Liverpool’s board of directors believed that with the right support, a man with a different point of view, statistical knowledge and enthusiasm could succeed even in such a cruel reality like the Premier League.
So the on 2nd​ of July, 2012 Liverpool has announced the hiring of Ivo Ivanov – an unproven and unknown football manager from Bulgaria, who is also a big fan of the club and his dream has come true.

“Officialy: Ivo Ivanov became the 7th​ Liverpool’s manager in Premier League Era.”


In the first press conference Ivo Ivanov told that everybody at the club will have a chance to prove their worth and there wouldn’t be much activity on the transfer market for new players but there will be some new face around the staff room.

So the contracts of Collin Pascoe, Glen Driscoll and 5 other members of coach and scout teams were mutually terminated.
As a part of the “Livolution” a major figure was signed as a assistant manager – Johan Cruyff. The former Ajax and Barcelona legend has decided to take a part in this exciting new Merseyside journey. With his great tactics skills and huge experience he would help his young manager and Liverpool football club to achieve the revolution that club needs.

“Liverpool appointed Johan Cruyff as an assistant manager”


Thomas Hasler, Gerd Muller and Aron Winter were added to the coaching team making a total of 12 new faces in the staff member’s area.

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Gerd Muller have been appointed as the coach to prepare the attacking part of the trainings.


The tactic that Ivanov have chosen to play is 4-2-3-1 concentrating to the current players in the squad and trying to get the maximum of them.

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In the pre-season the team have arranged only 2 matches with Blackpool and Birmingham at home due to the upcoming fixture for League Europe.

“A nightmare start”
Liverpool – Blackpool 1:3
Joe Cole

The first game of the new manager was as expected – a disaster. The players didn’t believe in him and they lost 1:3 to Blackpool at Anfield. However the friendly was for a fitness and match practice.

“Sunderland has signed Joe Cole”

Two days after the first game Joe Cole was sold to Sunderland for 1.000.000 Euro to cut the wages, still Liverpool will have to pay 60 000 Euro/Week to Joe Cole due 2014 until his old contract expires which means that the wages are less with 50 000.


“Ivo who !?”
Liverpool – Birmingham 1:4

Liverpool fans are extremely doubtful about the new manager as Reds were destroyed in another friendly fixture by the Championship team of Birmingham. The fans are truly believing that an another storm of defeats is coming at Anfield.

AUGUST, 2012

Maccabi Netanya were drawed to play against Liverpool in the 2nd​ qualification round of Europa League. The first game was at Anfield and finally Ivanov and Cruyff has focused on the match preparation and practice instead of the hard fitness workouts.

“Draw Debut”

Liverpool – Maccabi Netanya 1:1
Steven Gerrard ’41- Yoram Avinu ‘71

The poor performance have continued as the Reds failed to secure the win at Anfield in the first leg. A glance of hostility has raised in the Liverpool fans and owners.

“Wind in the sails”

Maccabi Netanya – Liverpool 1:4
Salem Segen ’87 – Assaidi ’20, ’46 / Gerrard ’36 / Koren(og) ‘73

Oussama Assaidi made a stunning performance in the second leg to help Ivo Ivanov and Liverpool team to secure a place in the Europa League play-offs. With 2 goals and an assist the Moroccan put the smiles around Anfield.

“An enthusiastic winger”

West Ham – Liverpool 0:1
Sterling ‘79

The first PL game was at Boleyn Ground vs. West Ham. Tight game with a some shots form long range until the star of Raheem Sterling shined when he scored the only goal for the 0-1 victory. The youngster has played at the right wing since Stewart Downing was injured in fitness training in pre-season. Martin Skrtel was named MOTM with some crucial interceptions.

St. Johnstone were drawn against Liverpool for the Europa League play-off. First game was at Anfield.

“’Four’ the fans”

Liverpool - St. Johnstone 4:0
Sterling ‘6, Dani Pacheco ’73,’92, Carragher ‘87

Some youngster were given a chance to prove themselves before the transfer window closes and they did just that. Robinson, Sterling, Suso, Shelvey and Pacheco have impressed with the performance as Pacheco scored twice and Sterling was unplayable at the right wing.

“Two more ‘four’ the stats”

St. Johnstone - Liverpool 0:2
Lucas ’22, Sterling ‘24

Another game including most of the young players plus Lucas Leiva who has returned from his knee injury have secured Liverpool’s place in the next stage. Lucas did well and scored a goal. Sterling made his first team declaration with his 3rd​ goal in 3 matches.

“Wellington Nem transfer has failed”


With a small budget to operate Ivo Ivanov tried to sign an attacking midfielders as he is looking for some fantasy among the squad. Wellington Nem – a brazil gem from Fluminese was ready to join the club but due to his injury he couldn’t pass his medical and the transfer was canceled. A huge disappointment for Ivanov, who didn’t have enough funds and time to secure another deal. Still the talks for Wellington will be on the table since he's fit again.

“Willems on a season-long loan”


However Jetro Willems has joined the Reds for an year loan as an adequate cover for Jose Enrique on the left back. Some young starlets were loaned out. The full list of the summer transfers:

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“Luis Suarez – the villain”

Southampton - Liverpool 1:3
Souleymane Camara ’32 – Assaidi ’20,’28 / Borini ’31 / Suarez red card ‘52

Another away fixture with another stunning performance from the left winger – Assaidi. He scored twice and Borini added another one just for the first 30 minutes of the game to secure a big lead which left Southampton in shock. However Luis Suarez came in the lights of the show in the ’52 minute when he elbowed Schneirdelin in the face after a close challenge between them. Luis was sent off and handed a 2 match further ban from FA. A really bad start for the Uruguayan who hasn’t scored a single goal yet.


Update to follow with the Europa League draws: Liverpool, Metalist, Feyenord, Ludogorets