Dec 20, 2010
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Hi m8 ! I've started a new game as an unemployed manager, I've selected the first 3 leagues in the league of 6 (Italy, Spain, England, Holland, Germany, France). I've accepted the Ceuta job.

This is my first LLM game eventhough I've been playing FM for a long long long time since CM. So I will post my team and my best players (by my opinion), and I will describe you my goals, tactics, and style of play. So any help is very welcome, any advice. You may post useful stuff to this thread. I'll be very thankful :)

Goals :

Because this is my first LLM game my goal is to get to the La Liga in about 5 seasons, 6 is acceptable too. Not only La Liga , I'm trying to play the game as much as realistic as I can, I will be managing everything. So I want to develup my rep too. Maybe become a manager of a high rep club, anything would be good. But the main reason , and the primary goal is to see how will my career develop and how long it will last (I don't mind playing till 2050).

Syle of play :

I've read that it is good to play defensive when playing in low leagues, so my first Q: Is that true ? If yes, please advise. Well, my style of play is 1. Score a goal 2. Switch to counter att. pressure the opponent and posees the ball as much as I can. 3. Try to score another goal 4. If succesful just retain possesion and try to dominate the game. 4. Win home (all games if possible) win&draw as much as i can when playing away.

Try to imagine my game as a happy joyful game vs. stupid idiots running around like headless chickens ;D Basic : Humiliation

Transfer Market : I have the BEST FREE AGENTS (under 33) (Will Walton, Jul 2010) , Marko8 presents you good and cheap players for any club! and WONDERKIDS (Will Walton, Jul 2010) shortlists. So I think with my knowledge and the forum I've covered a pretty large area of players. You will get a SS of my finances and everything soon. I tend on buying young players who will evolve into a beast but still not break the chemistry of the old team. Drop old get young !

Finances : I don't know anything about managing finances with a lower league club so any info would be gr8!

Tactics : Open to every suggestion, just that it suits my style of play. I prefer 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3.

WILL BE UPDATING ! Thank you in advance :)

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You can play any style at any level really. Obviously your players probably won't have the technical skills to play a possession based passing game however. But like you where saying, playing counter attacking football is a pretty safe choice at this level - but keep things simple tactically for now. Don't assign too many specialized roles or what have you.
Jake's FM10 story may be a source or inspiration ;)

As for finances, play games against big teams. As many as you can without tiring your squad too much. Then Play some weak teams at the end of the preseason to get morale back up. You could even try to organise a league with 3 other teams - if the teams are big enough you may even get TV money.

Formation is really personal preference. However, I don't think a single striker formation can really work that well at this level. The stikers at this level generally arne't well rounded enough to do everything - so they need a partner. Just my opinion ;)
Personally, in LLM just stick to 4-4-2 and its variants. Mainly a 4-2-4 with wingers, or a 4-4-2 wide diamond.