Nov 13, 2010
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Hi guys,

i have asked in the editing forum but nobody seems to help so I thought I would ask you guys who are more into this.

WHen activating leagues in tiny poor nations is there a way to set the maximum youth wage for the intake of new youth palyers?

Alsoany player on a non youth contract seems to have a default wage of 100 pounds a eek. Can this be lowered. It proved very expensive e.g for a Nicaruaguan team to pay for tha above as a mid sizze squad often ends up with a weekly wage bill of 4k which cannot be suported.

ANy help would be much apprecaited!
I don't think you can specify that in the editor. It is handled by the game itself.
Thanks Tharros. Its annoying because in certain countries like Bolivia this is lower. Has anyone tried the more advanced editor and does anyone have a link to it?
You could try manually editing conracts using FMRTE.

Of course if you want all the teams in the league to have youths on low wages you will need to edit a lot of contracts and do it every time new youths are bought in by clubs. Aside from being a lot of work, the large number of DB changes leaves yu open to rach dumps.
Thanks Jake but that sounds like way too much effort. I may just have to go ahead and use the arranging pre-season matches in random countries (bug in my opinion) to make up for the money. Alternativelly I can work out the average cost per team and add this to the tv revenue so if the wage bill is 2k per week higher add 104k tv money per team (pretty unrealistic for an african/asian/ocanic league but...). However, this then causes difficulties regarding amateur leagues that become semi-pro and then pro as the costs greatly differ! I would prefer that the wages are just automatically lower but guess that there might be nothing that I can do about it :(