Nov 18, 2010
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I have just started a new save with Blyth Spartans and was wondering if instead of signing players I could use young players that came through my ranks.

As instead of spending my money on transfers I could spend it on Youth training, recruitment etc.

Could I make It to the Premier League though and would this be worth It finacilly

ie. If I get some young players who could play at a higher level it would bring in transfer money.

I would do this until I got to the championship then I would begin to start signing a few people?
I think it would be insanely difficult. But worth the proud when you see all of your youngsters being top of europe :) But it's a very interesting challenge for yourself.
I really doubt it because Blyth's Youth are Poo!!

Yes Perhaps at the start, but if I continue with the current squad at the end of the season better players might come through and If I give them some first team action they may improve?
You should do a kind of diary for each season (I would follow) and explain how it's getting on !
Yeah. It don't have to be a whole story, just a short update for every season.
I might do that I'll see if it works out at the end of the season if it is an absolute fail I wont lol