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Hi, I've got a question regarding the mandatory buy clause after loan spell. How does it work? At which stage the contract with the Player is signed? Also is this hitting my transfer budget and Club budget this season or the next one? What if I dont have enought budget?
Finally if such a deal was made before my arrival to the Club is there a way I can view the agreed contract with the Player? (See starting with Parma)
Not sure about all of your questions, but AFAIK the transfer 'happens' on the day the loan expires, which is when the fee is taken from the budget and the player's contract comes into force.
Thanks for the response! I found online that the contract has to be agreed before signing the loan. Still wondering what would happen if I do not have money in the budget to buy that guy a year later.
Sorry for joining the discussion so late. Typically, the contract with the player would be signed before the loan spell begins, and the mandatory buy clause would be included. As for budgeting, it depends on the specific terms of the contract, but generally, the transfer fee would be counted towards your budget in the season when the clause is activated. Also, consulting with experienced financial experts, like, can be a great way to ensure that you make the right decision when choosing a loan strategy that aligns with your interests and financial goals. Their expertise can be beneficial when navigating complex financial arrangements like a loan with an obligation to buy.
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