Loaning players back to clubs for the remainder of the season


Dec 15, 2011
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Hello guys, been browsing the forums and looking at what people want for the next iteration of Football Manager and I see 1 thing cropping up regularly, loaning players back to the club. Well I'd like to let you all know there IS a way of doing it which I assume people overlook whenever they make bids for players.

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Using Javier Pastore as my example when you go to make the bid you can change the transfer date to the 'End of the season' and obviously depending on whether the club he is currently at is in the same country as you, you can decide whether to let him move at the end of your's or their season. 9 times out of 10 there is only a couple of days in it so it won't make a great deal of difference but the option is there anyway.

Hope I have helped with this and people can use this option with the times they have wanted to loan a player back to the club