Dec 6, 2011
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I'm just wandering if anybody can help me out hear. I have recently bought Isco from Malaga in my Madrid save, but ended up sending him straight back out on loan to Inter where he is promised to be a valuable first team member playing in his strongest position. However I have now realised that I haven't got Italy as a playable league so he's only playing in Champions league games, any idea if this is going to effect his development at the club? I have the option to call him back from his loan spell! Any advise would be great.
He should still be playing the games... You just cant actually view what is happening.

Obviously it's better to have him in a playable league but if he's getting first team football at a club like Inter, you should be fine.
Ahhh right okay, just wasn't sure because when I tried looking at the seria a league table it wasn't appearing and only showing previous winners! Cheers for the advise.
If you send a player out on loan to a none playable league just click on the player, Go to attributes and at the bottom it tells you how many games hes played, I have Scotland as a non playable league but Celtic as a feeder club and when i send players out on loan to them the players are getting 30+ games a season, Same when i send players to Germany, Russia or Holland which are all non playable leagues i my save.

While i dont like sending players to non playable leagues i would rather send a German regen to Germany where he wont have a language barrier so will perform better than send him to the Championship for example which is a playable league for me but the player might have a language barrier and thus get less game time than he will in Germany, When it comes to Russians i find Russians clubs are the only ones who are interested in loaning them due to work permits i think so i try to avoid even signing those but sometimes the regen is worth a punt.

You cant interact with non playable leagues but that doesnt mean the league isnt being played and players arent playing games, While it is better to send players to a playable league i will use non playable leagues if the club interested have better staff, Facilities and just a general better quality of opponents, For example i would loan to Italy even if its non playable over League one or a poor Championship side with poor facilities and staff, But i always have the top leagues loaded as playable just so when i do loan out players the have the best chance of developing.