Apr 7, 2010
Reaction score
How do i know when a player is good single up in attack?I need a player to keep the ball and play simple passes to hes team mates.What attributes are good for a lone striker?I dont need a tall and massive player, just a player even good at passing, technique and others just dont know what status to look for.
hmm when tring to play one up top you have to have great wing support
You really can't go wrong with the highlighted attributes. I know having one striker puts a lot more pressure on him to score goals by himself, but that shouldn't affect the attributes you look for too much, it really depends on the role you plan on using though. Use your judgment and make sure he's a quality striker that fits into the role.

ps. my favorite roles for lone strikers:
Poacher: when I just want my striker to score a lot of goals and he is capable of doing that by himself (with proper service of course). High pace, accel, off the ball, anticipation, finishing; bonus for good technique, dribbling, flair, composure, agility.

Advanced forward: when I rely on my striker to score most of the goals but I also have other players capable of chipping in when the opportunity arises. For example, in my Valencia save last year, this was my role for David Villa because Juan Mata, Silva/Dominguez and Joaquin/Pablo can also score a lot. Same attributes as poacher but it helps if he can pass the ball and has some creativity.