Feb 11, 2011
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Hi all, currently in my second season as villa, trying to find a long shot star, Vukcevic has the highest stats in game from what i can see, is he worth his money? need someone to slot in behind Dzeko.
Meh get aleksandar kolarov or nenad milijas. Anyone who watched match of the day last weekend will know why to get kolarov.
Angelo Palombo. Just do a player search, filter long shot stat to minimum of 18, check 'ask *** man to filter unrealistic targets', and there you go :)
Fabio Quagliarella!

I should have said him, doing a Napoli story......
If you can tempt him away from Bayern, Toni Kroos is a long shot machine. And he only gets better over time.
Delph can hit some lethal long shots, and he should still be on your team. Server Jeparov can as well, should be rather cheap. Cardozo is also amazing, as others have said.
I have noticed on a couple of games now - paulo henrique and yaya toure are quality at shooting from range - they hit it with immence power. Also Henrique after a couple of seasons becomes a quality free kick taker.