Apr 2, 2012
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I purchased the game a few days ago and have since become pretty frustrated.

My first issue is long shots, my team seams to always decide to shoot from outrageous distances for no reason, and then they miss the goal by 25 meters. In general I don't understand shooting, I had people miss from 3 meters away, granted it was a fullback, but even with a low to mediocre finishing rating, a professional should be able to hit the net!

Secondly, I have incredible difficulties getting the ball, my defenders are closing in on an opponent and then refuse to tackle him, giving him the time of day to pick his passes. I see the AI collapse nicely in their penalty area and constantly tackle, while my guys pick their nose.

Thirdly, my team absolutely refuses to pass the ball to my playmaker, and when he finally gets it he passes it back instead of going for the killer ball (his ppm).

Fourthly, is there are way to keep the ball on the ground? I've settle for a short passing game, but constant long passes + frequent headers always have the ball go to the opposition. Sometimes they seem to head the ball just for the sake of heading it as well, instead of accepting it and bringing it back on the ground, it's annoying.

Lastly, due my wingers constantly deciding to long shot (even though I set it to lowest value), they never cross.
I have excatly the same problem with shots and tackle. I try to do with it almost everything I can, but cant find solution :( If any1 have some idea I would be grateful for help :)