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Feb 8, 2011
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Hey all,

Four seasons, successful enough, behind me at Crewe. Got up to Championship and am fighting a winning battle against relegation/on the up. Have a couple of non-league feeder clubs. They are marked as long-term and I can't cancel the link.

What I want to know is, as my clubs stature grows, will the board let me terminate the link and get a couple of better feeder clubs in? Would also love one for work permits as I love searching around south america for great talent.

With my two feeder clubs and one parent (preston n.e.) the board will let me ask for a feeder club, sometimes asking me if I would like to choose one, and then come back to me a couple of weeks later with a speal about "not at this time, be happy the way you are" kind of thing. Also, when they ask you do you want to select one, does that actually mean suggesting one for the club? Or does it mean (the way it used to) that you wait and the club will come back with a list I can choose from?

Any info would be great. Still loving the game. Not seen much of the wife recently... or anyone that I can't click on and see their stats and profile.....
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