looking after your star striker.


Jan 19, 2009
hello all.
I just wanted to share with you what i have learnt about looking after your star striker and how to stop him wanting to go to other clubs.
I have been playing a season a day since i have been off work and what i have learnt is how players behave and change as they get older.

this is my top striker.Elton
I signed him when he was very young and to begin with he was full of goals and aggression.He wanted to be the hub of the club and was attracting barcelona and real all the time with their managers unsettleing him with comments of praise and bids.
At first he got funny when i turned down bids but he was young and obviously wanted to show the world what a good player he was.
His training was just not about scoring and i also trained him to work the left wing in attack.This has two benefits.
It reduces the needs of the club to seek a backup ML if your first team player gets injured.And secondly it lets you keep your livewire striker happy with first team football.
Elton soon become the fans favorite with his scoring from just about everywhere on the park and lobbing the goalie for fun.
The next thing i noticed was that he could be calmed down a little by helping a youngest with his training.This i believe kept him busy so between matches he had something to do.
As the years went on i every year made a point of offering a new contract about a week before the summer transfer window opened and with a small increase in wages.
This seemed to make Elton very happy indeed and as he was being trained by tiago luis (another top brazilian striker) i gave elton the vice captain job which the other players seemed to agree with.
When tiago retired i made Elton captain and put him in a place that he would find hard to leave.
As he has got older his goal scoring has dried up.But now his role on the park is different.Yes he still plays up front but when you watch him he is constantly playing in other players, setting up attacks and even leaving the strikers role and turning up on either wing.
Now when barcelona or any top club come in for him Elton's reaction is to say he is honored by the interest but would like time away to think things over.
Bascially what he is asking for is a new contract or a year extension on his current one.he doesnt even want a wage raise.
He no longer gets cross if i reject offers on him and he is very happy at the club.He has british citizenship and that makes it easier for champions league selection.
One thing i will point out.Since the latest patch he does pick up bad injuries at the start of the season and spends 4 months out.Then picks up niggling knocks but he is still quality.

The replacement for him i already have lined up.Jean will be his replacement and Elton even recommended him.
And just as when Tiago took elton under his wing jean will get the same education.
According to my coaches Jean should be even better than elton with the right guidance.
You can make your player loyal if you go about it that right way.
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Dec 9, 2008
Looks a quality frontman mate, good find.

Yeah i seem to find the same thing, the players do actually become more mature as irl.

Feb 28, 2009
That's excellent bud, He looks like a great player. I was surprised when I saw what team you were and saw his wages though. never thaught i'd see the Blue Brazil have a Brazilian player on £90,000 a week. fair play for making them that good.:)


Dec 10, 2008
f**k that looked like an interesting post but cba reading it, is your life story in there?

'once upon a time i signed a player....'


Feb 26, 2009
very long winded post mate, and im tired lol
how about a summary of key points?

- First, i did this.

- Ensure you do this.

- Don't forget this.



Jan 24, 2009
seriously, i cant stop laughing when i saw the players, especially the 1 born in 2012! btw, they are quality players and i ought to try some of your methods after getting some unhappy players who are determined to leave.