Jul 5, 2014
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Im villa second season but struggling in the prem ive brought a talented young squad to fit 4-2-3-1 just cant seem to get one to work

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Stop looking and play with other tactics. I was searching too and tried all 4231 and 4123 tactics, none have worked. ME is f**ked up. Strikers shoot straight in goalkeeper from six yard box when wingbacks finally decide to pass instead to shoot from same awkward position despite having look for the pass rather than shot PPM. Nobody can score with a header, all balls bounce over the bar like the player got a spring instead of a head. Probably you can make a 4231 to work with a team like Arsenal or Man United. I'm seriously thinking to go back to FM15.

EDIT: If you want to use a tactic with IWB's, you can use Knap's Rawsienna 4231. You can find it on sigames forum. He got good feedback but I feel a pain in my brain when I see that wingbacks come to the centre of the pitch. Maybe I have OCD.
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