Jan 18, 2011
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hey guys I want a challenge think of a team I could be with a decent budget and wage budget.
A team with a decent transfer and wage budget is not that much of a "challenge" surely?

Go for a team that are broke and starting on minus points, thats a challenge. :D
Athletic Bilbao - you are only allowed to sign Basque players.
what about russian Saturn,they got money so you can try and build another russian giant
try dundee utd in scotland . not much of a budget but good team to manage

Even better try there other hald Dundee 1st Division (Scotlands Championship to anybody who doesn't know) they have -25 points and a transfer ban. Though you get Leigh Griffiths and he is supposedly good in the N-Power Championship so god only knows what he will be like in the 1st division.

But If you are wanting a challange with a decent budget:

Evian TG FC they have a Sugar Daddy who just throws money at the club they ae in French Ligue 2 probably best youre looking for as then you still have the challenge off geting them promoted.
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Try Dnipro in the Ukrainian League and overthrow Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv ;)
why not panathinaikos, you can easily win championship and do great thinks in europe competitions!!!!!!!!
try and make liverpool a force you get a good budget but still needs some work!
QPR are the richest english team outwith the premier league so try them
You want an English team right? How about Leicester, they have a nice budget. You could build a good team together and do well in the Premiership as well :)